A Virtual Operational Evacuation Model that supplies real-time information during an evacuation. That model will be developed during a project entitled The Reality Check: evacuation of a residential area. This tool will allow stakeholders to tighten their grip on the operational situation, enhance efficiency and achieve a major reduction in the required evacuation time.

Real-time monitoring of the progress of the evacuation and feeding back this information into the model makes it possible to respond immediately to new developments during an evacuation. For example, the emergency services will know which roads are flooded and therefore impassable, and they will also know in what order streets or residential areas should be evacuated.

The tool is being developed on the basis of existing models. The aim is to validate the model in 2011 during the actual evacuation of a residential area. The experience from this field trial will also be used during the mandatory flood drills to be conducted in all the Dutch safety regions in 2012.


Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”