When water levels are high, Eureka dams regulate outflow, enhancing safety in river basins. At the same time, the groyne ensures optimal flow conditions for shipping and the ecology when water levels are low. This project examines the feasibility of this new, innovative form of high-water protection.

A geotextile screen with floats attached to the bed directs the flow when water levels are normal. When water levels are high, the floats stop working and the screens settle down to the bed. So there is more room for the water and the water level falls. Eureka dams can also be 'activated' remotely.

The competition ‘Groynes of the Future’ organised by Rijkswaterstaat generated a number of ideas for Eureka dams in 2006. This project looks at the technical, societal and administrative feasibility of a range of concepts. The concepts also undergo further elaboration, before being submitted to stakeholders in order to establish adequate support.


Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”