This project developed a set of instruments to provide a clear overview of real-time data on dike strength to monitor, manage, maintain and develop policies for crisis situations. Different parameters are combined and result in a risk of flooding picture. The objective was to examine how the connection between the crisis and the daily work could be improved within SUCCESS Dashboard. The end product is an installed system based on FEWS-DAM. It is a system that combines fast and efficient data interpretation (including subsurface models and strength cards).

In cooperation with water board Groot Salland, Flood Control 2015 the SUCCESS Dashboard that generates, integrates and presents information about the load on a dike, the strength of a dike, and the consequences of the load on the dike was tested. Static and real-time data about the condition of a dike and the load on the dike are used to calculate its strength. This results in a forecast of failure probability of dike sections, which can subsequently be converted to the flood probability of the entire area. In conclusion, it provides the flood risk. The system defines the flood risk in terms of damage and victims and offers detailed information about the current situation of the flood defences and the safety level within the dike ring. This information supports the management, policymaking and crisis management. Measures become more goal-oriented, whether it concerns dike reinforcement or a management measure during a flood threat. Because this system is able to determine the effect of a management measure on the flood probability, the water board expects that the  implementation will lead to substantiated savings in dike improvement projects.

Dashboard 'Bestuurder' (Governer)

Dashboard 'Bestuurder' (Governer)

Participants: HKV, Fugro
Stakeholders: Waterschap Groot Salland

Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”