The Netherlands is extremely successful at an international level when it comes to flood protection. The country has a large number of specialists available in every conceivable area: from the design and construction of dikes, forecasting systems, and decision-supporting systems, through to crisis management, measurement systems and evacuation.



Download the app here (Android operating system) or visit the mobile webpage!

In order to make better use of early warning information for disaster management an Early Action App is developed. The Early Action App is a mobile application that disseminates Early Warning information and connects this information to specific Early Actions of disaster management organizations. Sharing our knowledge, we made available part of this Application to the public.

The App is part of the innovation programme Flood Control 2015, where the partners HKV consultants, Deltares, ITC and Fugro operate together in Indonesia and the Philippines. With innovations in information and disaster management, we contribute to the safety of people in vulnerable areas.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the App, please direct them to Jurjen Wagemaker ( [email protected]). .

Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”