The SUCCESS method (Safety Under Control Civil Engineering Support System) establishes an overall picture of the safety of water defences. The focus is on the continuous assessment of dike strength (i.e., determining where something will happen), real-time monitoring and forecasting (when something will happen) and coping with uncertainty (which uncertainties become important, and when).

This project will develop a method for a water board. It can be used for management, assessment and policy relating to water defences. In addition, when there is a heightened flooding alarm, it supplies the right information needed to take the right decisions. In other words, it provides an indication of the line to be followed in order to achieve various goals.

The aim is also to establish links between models that calculate the load on water defences, determine the strength of water defences and provide an insight into the consequences of the failure of the same defences. This makes it possible to enhance our understanding of the susceptibility of the water system to failure mechanisms.

The system was established and verified in 2008-2009, in partnership with the Groot Salland Walter Board, for a one-kilometre trial section of dike ring 10 (Mastenbroek). This year, it will be used for a complete dike ring. In this way, it will be possible to determine whether SUCCESS actually generates new information about the probability of flood locations in various scenarios.


Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”