All the projects in Flood Control 2015 contribute to the mitigation of risks associated with high water. They cover a range of fields. However, what is lacking is a framework for interpreting the current state of the technology and organisation in the domain of flood control for specific stakeholders.

This project will produce a framework that can locate developments in the Flood Control spectrum. The framework will take the form of a ‘Maturity Model’. The reason this form has been adopted for the framework is that it creates opportunities for a more targeted approach to implementing studies in Flood Control 2015.


In the world of consultancy, Maturity Models are used to determine, with a client, the requirements (latent and otherwise) of an organisation. When the domains in the model are viewed from the point of view of the ‘current situation’ and ‘desired situation’, it is therefore possible to zoom in quickly on the areas where there is a mismatch. It is then possible to consult with the client about the right approach to resolving the mismatch between the actual and the desired situation.

A Maturity Model is used to provide the clients of Dutch actors in the water sector with a picture of the openings for participants to engage in work. A first scan with the Maturity Model can be tackled jointly by the sector. This first scan will then show who has the best products and services to help the client in question.

Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”