This project is to be placed in the context of improving real time risk forecasts and improving the related information systems. The aim of the Smart Levees project was to develop new knowledge, models and methods, with respect to the following objectives:

During this project the FEWS-DAM was developed. It is of the combination of a flood early warning system (Delft-FEWS) with an experimental dike strength module for real-time application (DAM-Live). The system can be used for automated real-time forecasts of water levels and dike strength.  People in the operational layer of the water boards are provided with information to support timely decisions on preventive or mitigating actions, prior to expected critical situations. The final instrument will provide functionality for the full cycle of “Schematization”, “Forecasting” and “Data-assimilation”.

The national and international attention for real-time forecasting and monitoring systems is growing. Flood Early Warning Systems based on Delft-Fews are already applied worldwide for water level forecasts. The availability of software with levee strength forecasting and data-assimilation capabilities will certainly boost the development and spread of integrated forecasting and monitoring systems.

Overview of Big Data use in Delta Cloud Service context

Overview of Big Data use in Delta Cloud Service context


Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”