Sensors will play an important role in flood protection in the future. This technology provides managers with real-time information about the current strength of water defences and any changes that may occur. This means that measures can be taken in good time when the water rises. This project validates various types of sensor.

In 2008, a specially built dike – the IJkdijk – was fitted out with a large number of different sensors and then made to collapse. The same facility was also used to conduct 1:1 tests in 2009, this time looking at the failure mechanism known as piping. For these tests, the dike was built up with different types of sand and a range of relative densities.

In 2010, the mechanism of overtopping and overflow will be studied in order to improve our understanding of the erosion of water defences. The experiments are conducted on operational dikes used as water defences. One of the goals of the research was to determine whether the use of measurement and sensory techniques is a useful complement to the standard visual inspection of water defences.


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Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”