The Netherlands is extremely successful at an international level when it comes to flood protection. The country has a large number of specialists available in every conceivable area: from the design and construction of dikes, forecasting systems, and decision-supporting systems, through to crisis management, measurement systems and evacuation.



17 Dec 2012
Presentation of final results of Flood Control 2015

During the FLOODrisk 2012 conference on 20 November, the final results of the Flood Control 2015 research programme were revealed by programme director Piet Dircke. He presented the book containing the results to Jan Geluk, chair of the Waterboard Hollandse Delta, of the water defences committee for the Association of Regional Water Authorities and of Flood Control's external board of recommendation.   Read more...

17 Dec 2012
Flood Control 2100 launches at FLOODrisk 2012

The FLOODrisk 2012 conference is the final conference of the Flood Control 2015 program. With this conference, the program will come to an end with the completion of the 2007 project plan. Piet Dircke, chairman of the Flood Control Foundation, looked back at a succesful innovation programme. So succesful, in fact, that the participating companies and research institutes decided to extend the collaboration in "Flood Control 2100".  Read more...

13 Dec 2012
And the winner is: Bangkok be aware

At the FloodRisk 2012 conference, a 24 hour student event organised by Flood Control 2015. Students from different countries and with different backgrounds worked throughout the night on six assignments concerning water safety, crisis communication and serious gaming. The next day, they pitched their products to a jury.  Read more...

06 Dec 2012
Showcase of products at Floodrisk2012 conference

The research programme Flood Control 2015 has almost reached completion. The products from this programme will help us to contribute to faster and more effective information flows and decision-making during periods of high water or imminent floods. The showcase brings together an impressive selection of those products. The demos cover the entire process of training, improved observations and forecasts, managing uncertainties and, ultimately, better decision-making. We were very proud to present the showcase in the game room of the FloodRisk 2012 Conference in Rotterdam. Everybody had the opportunity to experience the products hands-on. The showcase was open to visitors throughout the conference but there was a dedicated session during the lunch break on Tuesday.  Read more...

06 Dec 2012
Flood event management session

The Flood Event Management session during Flood Risk 2012 provided successful examples of crisis management team training and tools to improve decision making within these teams. Among the topics presented were training and tools for crisis teams, a serious game for stakeholder awareness and modelling of a crisis.  The Flood Event Management session displayed also an interesting selection of Flood Control 2015 projects. Four out of the five presentations concerned are Flood Control 2015 projects.    Read more...

26 Nov 2012
Flood Control 2015 presenteert eindresultaat

De eindresultaten van Flood Control 2015 zijn op 20 november tijdens de conferentie Floodrisk 2012 gepresenteerd door de programmadirecteur Piet Dircke. Hij overhandigde het boek met de resultaten aan Jan Geluk, dijkgraaf van Hollandse Delta en voorzitter commissie waterkeringen Unie van Waterschappen.  Read more...

18 Sep 2012
Student Challenge at FLOODrisk2012 - extension for application

At the FLOODrisk2012 conference, Flood Control 2015 will host an international student challenge to develop a creative product that simulates a flood event or crisis situation. We are very happy to say that at this moment, around 20 students have already applied to join the challenging 24-hour pressure cooker competition.   Read more...

17 Sep 2012
The latest information on the FLOODrisk2012 conference


17 Sep 2012
Measuring the impact of drought on peat embankments

In June of last year, Flood Control 2015 teamed up with Waternet, TNO, Deltares, STOWA and Stichting IJkdijk to launch the project ‘Measuring the sensitivity of peat embankments to drought’. This project investigates the mechanism of drying and wetting of the dike under influence of drought and precipitation as well as the effectiveness of sensoring in determining the impact of droughts and the optimal time of mitigation. The long-term monitoring provides a unique real-life data set for further studies.  Read more...

14 Sep 2012
Software operational during Hurricane Isaac

On August 29, the category 1 hurricane Isaac made landfall close to New Orleans. Two weeks later we can conclude that the improved levee system of New Orleans significantly limited the potential flood impact of hurricane Isaac in the levee-protected area.  Read more...

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