The Netherlands is extremely successful at an international level when it comes to flood protection. The country has a large number of specialists available in every conceivable area: from the design and construction of dikes, forecasting systems, and decision-supporting systems, through to crisis management, measurement systems and evacuation.



The International conference FLOODrisk 2012 will explore research advances in flood risk analysis and innovations in flood risk management practice. The conference will consider all aspects of flood risk and will cover the causes of floods, their impacts on people, property and the environment, and portfolios of risk management measures. FLOODrisk 2012 is also supported by the Flood Risk Management Research Consortium. Join Flood Control 2015 at this conference!

Floods cause distress and damage wherever they happen and flooding from rivers, estuaries and the sea threatens many millions of people in Europe. Insurance losses from flooding have increased significantly since 1990 and flood management in Europe is changing with a move from flood protection and defence to comprehensive flood risk management

As one of the co-organisers for FLOODrisk 2012, Flood Control 2015 would like to invite you to imagine your idea of “smart flood control”. We invite researchers to share their latest findings and contribute to our collective toolbox. We invite practitioners to share their challenges and discuss the value of new tools and insights. And we invite policy makers to assist in transboundary flood risk issues and regional co-operation. In short: to close the gap between science, policy and practice.

During the conference, Flood Control 2015 will co-organise two special sessions. More details on these sessions will be made available shortly. For more information on the conference please visit:


Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”