The Netherlands is extremely successful at an international level when it comes to flood protection. The country has a large number of specialists available in every conceivable area: from the design and construction of dikes, forecasting systems, and decision-supporting systems, through to crisis management, measurement systems and evacuation.



Various partners from the Flood Control 2015 consortium launched a new, dynamic collaboration: Flood Control 2100. It will continue to build on the results obtained from the Flood Control 2015 program and strives to make a global contribution to improved flood defenses with Smart Flood Control.

Under the name 'Flood Control 2100', new solutions will be developed for flood risk management ranging from flood protection to disaster risk reduction and spatial planning. New in this approach will be the even more explicit partnership between public and private entities. Dutch public organizations will take more risks with innovative approaches in their project, while companies and research institutes will align their innovation goals with these projects. The Netherlands will become safer at lower costs.
Flood Control 2100 aims to be a platform facilitating  the development of knowledge, technologies, methods and models for water safety and flood risk, where all parties from “the golden triangle” (triple helix of government, industry and knowledge) meet for pre-competitive cooperation. The program will focus on the process of innovation - implementation - marketing.
Central part of the program will be the development of information system that shows at any time 'with the press of a button’ the current system state of an object or area. It enables decision makers and administrators to be both in control during crises as during  daily operation. 

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Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”