Welcome to Flood Control 2015

Advancing Global Flood Protection Solutions

Welcome to Flood Control 2015, a collaborative initiative aimed at developing innovative information systems to reduce flood risks and enhance water and crisis management worldwide.

Empowering Communities to Thrive, Even in the Face of Rising Waters

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About Flood Control 2015

Pioneering Innovations for Global Flood Resilience

From 2009 to 2012, nine Dutch companies and applied research institutes worked together in the innovation program Flood Control 2015. Our collective aim was to create smarter, faster information systems that not only protect infrastructure but empower decision-makers and communities.

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Our Services

Empowering Global Flood Resilience Through Innovation

Our initiative brings together experts and technologies to develop advanced solutions for flood risk management.

Advanced Flood Prediction Models
Crisis Communication Strategies
Infrastructure Protection Solutions
Flood waters

High-Quality Models

We develop advanced numerical models for accurate flood prediction and risk assessment.

Protection Solutions

Designing and implementing solutions that safeguard critical infrastructure from flood damage.

We Are Experts

Our team consists of leading experts in hydrology, engineering, communication, and crisis management.

Healthy Communication

Leading innovation in crisis communication for clear and timely emergency response.

Professional Training

We offer comprehensive training methods and materials for professionals in flood risk management.

We Are Experts

Pioneers in Global Flood Resilience

Committed to advancing the science and practice of flood risk management, our team of experts collaborates to develop innovative solutions that protect communities and shape a safer future.

Devastating Flood Natural Disaster in the city and farmland after storm
Row of large sandbags flood barricade protecting river against flooding
Flooded area in suburbs under stormy clouds
Oosterschelde flood barrier and wind turbines, Vrouwenpolder, Netherlands
Huge Storm Surge Barrier in the Netherlands

How We Work

Our Approach to Flood Resilience

Guided by science and collaboration, we follow a structured process to develop and implement effective flood risk management solutions. Our approach is designed to be adaptive, allowing us to respond to the unique needs of each community we serve.


Concept Planning

We begin with comprehensive research and planning, identifying key areas where innovation can make the most impact.


Material Preparation

We develop tools, models, and communication strategies that are rigorously tested and refined to ensure they meet the highest standards of effectiveness and reliability. One of our key strategies includes the use of dehumidifiers to expedite the drying process after a flood, preventing mold growth and further damage to properties.


Executing Project

We collaborate with governments, agencies, and communities to implement our systems and strategies effectively, ensuring that our solutions are integrated seamlessly into existing frameworks.


Monitoring and Evaluation

We continuously monitor the performance of our implemented solutions and gather data to assess their impact, allowing us to make data-driven improvements.


Community Engagement

We prioritize engagement with local communities, ensuring that their insights and needs are central to our project development and implementation.


Knowledge Sharing

We are committed to sharing our findings and best practices with the global community, fostering collaboration and learning in the field of flood risk management.

Get Involved in Building a Resilient Future

Join us in our mission to advance global flood protection solutions. Whether you are a government agency, a community leader, or an individual passionate about making a difference, there are various ways to contribute and be part of our initiative.

Our Gallery

It’s a hobby that can last you a lifetime

Explore our gallery to see the technologies and strategies we’ve developed, and the communities we’ve helped protect from flooding.


What do they say about us

Read testimonials from our partners and communities we’ve worked with, sharing their experiences with the Flood Control 2015 program.

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Flood Control 2015 was a collaborative initiative aimed at advancing global flood protection solutions through innovation, collaboration, and technology.


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