The aim of the serious gaming project was to develop and test advanced training and simulation tools to prepare water professionals for crisis situations, based on the knowledge created in the previous years. The envisioned training environment facilitates better, cheaper and more effective training, especially for multi-team (and multidisciplinary) situations. The project focused on three objectives:

1. Development of theoretical foundation in serious gaming for multi-teams;

2. Development of a training environment;

3. Development and implementation of specific serious games.

The serious gaming project developed a training environment that provides a generic toolbox for implementing various serious games. The training environment is available in a research version, suited for developing new applications. The concepts of the training environment are adopted into a professional version for commercial use of the environment. For both environment flood management scenario’s and games are available. The developed serious games are adopted by the partners in the serious game project and are commercial exploited.

The following serious games have been successfully developed:

1. Serious Game voor besluitvorming bij hoogwater (2009)

2. Serious Game voor training van de SVSD (2010-2011)

3. Serious Game Liaison leert hoe men een liaison rol kan vervullen (2012)

4. Serious Game Water Coach bereidt voor op operationeel handelen in crisissituaties

5. Serious Game Berichtenbank voor training van communicatieadviseur (2012)

6. Serious Game Horse evacuation game over keuzes in geval van evacuatie (2012)

7. Richtlijnen voor betrokkenheid in serious games (2012)

Participants: HKV, Deltares, TNO, IBM
Stakeholders: RWS Waterdienst

Example of Berichtenbank

Example of Berichtenbank from Crisis communication Game (Berichtengame)

Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”