A smart dike is a dike that continually checks autonomously whether it is under threat, informing various users accordingly. Various components have already been developed for this new type of water defence, both as part of Flood Control 2015 and in other projects. This project will appraise the technical feasibility of developing these techniques further in an integrated ‘smart dikes concept’.

The concrete objectives are the identification and implementation of the boundary conditions for the application of the concept, including the development of models for various failure mechanisms, real-time dike monitoring with reliability analysis and the integration of remote sensing methods.

The five sub-projects are closely interrelated and they implement the concept in a modular and flexible ICT platform. In parallel with the project, the development is continuing of the monitoring system based on research at the Smart Dike, the Eemsdijk and the dike bordering the Juliana Canal.


Mission Flood Control 2015

“A really substantial improvement in operational flood protection worldwide.”